There is a sentence that “All roads lead to Roma” though, my way might lead me to Italy too. 
I found this fact these days. I had found that at first, when my favorite writer moved to there from USA. And then I just remembered, another favorite writer had moved to Italy too. They are really moved from bottom of them hurts by the language which is spoken there.You know It’s Italian. The one tried to write a book in her Italian. 
Another one had translated Italian novels to Japanese. She moved there, when most Japanese women still have never been overseas. Besides, from France. That’s really surprising thing. she had written about that days in Japanese late in life. By really beautiful Japanese.

There is a saying that "all roads lead to Rome," and my road may also lead to Italy.
I only recently learned this fact. First, I learned about it when one of my favorite authors moved from the United States to Italy. Then I remembered that another favorite writer had also moved to Italy. They are deeply moved by the language spoken in Italian. That person tried to write a book in her own Italian language.
Another translated Italian novels into Japanese. She emigrated at a time when most Japanese women had not yet been abroad. And from France. She wrote about that time in Japanese in her later years. In really beautiful Japanese.